Sellers Guide

You’re selling your home. Maybe this is the first time you’ve sold a home or maybe you’ve done this a few times before. Either way, there are numerous things to consider before and after you put your home on the market.

This guide will help you prepare yourself in taking the necessary steps of successfully selling your home. 


1.    Hire an agent 

Hire an agent who is well in tuned with the market and neighbourhoods to not only fetch you the best prices on the market but to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


2.     Homestaging

How you present yourself, is how people first view you. You get one opportunity, so make the most of it! Preparing a home for a potential sale is no easy task. Mastering the staging aspect of the property is imperative as it may drive your potential return on investment. Isn’t that the point? Do it right, and leave it up to a reputable agent to showcase your property the right way. 


3.    Price and market your property accordingly

Pricing the property is imperative as this may make or a break a clients bank account. Be sure to fetch top dollar for the property you’ve lived and maintained for many years. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that you have yourself an agent that is knowledgable of the market place and prices to ensuring you reap the benefits and rewards of a booming house market.


4.    Showcasing the property to prospective buyers 

Now that your home is ready and effectively placed on the market to sell, be prepared to. Ensure you are flexible during this process, as each client may request various different time slots to view the property. During this stage it is in your best interest that you keep the property tidy and in top notch condition.


4.    Negotiate and close 

The process is almost coming to a close. The hard work put forth on selling the property is going to finally pay off. Be prepared to received offers from prospective buyers. The offer will contain important elements of the negotiation;

  1. The deposit
  2. The price
  3. The closing date
  4. The irrevocable time/date
  5. The conditions


Take time to analyze the offer and decide whether it is appealing enough for you to accept. The best advice would be to garner a few offers and estimate the approximate price buyers are willing to pay and settle on an offer that satisfies you. Have realistic expectations and monitor the market carefully in your area as this may have big implications on how long your property will stay on the market. 


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